Nimis offers Penetration Testing Services with the aim of eliminating any weakness in your company's computer programs, network and applications. Our security experts uncover actual risks by performing real-world attack simulations to test the robustness of your company's defenses. These attacks are conducted under controlled conditions from the perspective of a motivated attacker. This way Nimis ensures that real risks to your network are identified.

Penetration Testing Services are gaining importance exponentially in today's world as information technology infrastructures are becoming increasingly large and complex. Through Penetration Testing, Nimis ensures that monitoring and response capabilities are functioning optimally. Furthermore, Nimis will ascertain common causes behind security issues and categorize relative risk level of each finding.

Detecting potential vulnerabilities is not all Penetration Testing Services can provide: It will also allow your company to assessing the potential impacts of an attack. Nimis will help you safeguard against all these potential threats to better protect your assets.

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