NIMIS is a professional management, information technology and security consultancy firm based in Islamabad, Pakistan. We specialize in providing corporate solutions for all our clients' business needs utilizing the vast experience of our expert team. NIMIS restructured itself to emerge as a complete corporate consultancy firm to fully exploit our principal teams' potential. We pride ourselves on having a dynamic, discrete, capable, and efficient team. Their backgrounds and experience include expertise in Information Security, Audit Consultancy, Corporate Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Business Continuity Planning, Turnover Management, Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Penetration Testing, Physical Security Assessment, Security Awareness Trainings and many more. NIMIS is dedicated towards delivering the best services to our clients, ensuring that they receive the most optimum solutions from our side. Our ability to comprehend and satisfy the needs of all relevant stakeholders is what sets us apart from our competitors.

NIMIS was founded in 2001 as a professional consultancy firm dealing in various areas of information security, cyber security and IT-related consulting services as well as providing various professional trainings. NIMIS provided its services to local and global clients across MENA region. Moreover, NIMIS was the pioneer organization that offered domain specific trainings like CISSP, CISA, CISM, etc. Now NIMIS has restructured itself from a professional consultancy firm into a corporate entity providing various services, solutions and trainings that are relevant to the corporate and development sector.


Reshaping Excellence


We are here to further your business ventures and adventures by exploiting our expertise in numerous fields of corporate, development and academic world.


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